Current Champions 2023

2023 Professional Champion

1st Place: Mat Shank (Center)

2nd Place: Adam Fitzpatrick (Right)
3rd Place: Lee Alexander (Left)

2023 Non-Professional Champion

1st Place: DJ Dodge (Center)

2nd Place: Daniel Balan (Right)
3rd Place: Gordie McNeil (Left)

Past Champions 2022

2022 Professional Champion

1st Place: Sylvain Leduc (Center)

2nd Place: Anthony Joseph (Left)
3rd Place: Mario Kombou (Right)

2022 Non-Professional Champion

1st Place: Rob Schwertley (Left)

2nd Place: DJ Dodge (Darryl Dudek) (Center)
3rd Place: Brent Freeman (Right)

2022 People's Choice Winner

Matt Cage

2022 Heart of the King Winner

Sylvio Fontaine

Past Champions 2019

2019 Professional Champion

1st Place: Bruno Nesci

2nd Place:Matthew Boyce
3rd Place: Simon Patrick

2019 Non-Professional Champion

1st Place: Moses Snow

2nd Place: Jonathan Hicks
3rd Place: Rob Schwertley

Past Champions 2018 - 2002