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How to get tickets & more information for the Penticton Elvis Festival:


In Person:

Event Center Box Office or South Okanagan Events Center.


Valley First Tix

By Phone:

( For price list guide of the South Okanagan Events Center and Weekend )

Prices for the lakeside park events:

Friday Night at the Park – $15.00
Saturday Competition in the Park – $15.00
Wristbands – $25.00 (Fri & Sat)

Penticton Elvis Kick-Off Party

On Sale Now! Pre-Party Tickets for Thursday $10. Doors open at 4:30pm. Held at The Mule on Martin. The Pre-Party tickets are available from The Blue Mule (250) 493-1819, Dave Martin ( ) and at the door ( if still available ). Cash or cheque only for the Pre-Party Tickets. ETAs get in free!

Penticton Elvis Wind-Up Party

5:30pm June 24th in The Lakeside Ballroom we wind down and have fun! $25 includes dinner and a beverage. Tickets Available at Penticton Lakeside Resort 1-800-663-9400. ETAs get in free! After party food and beverages will be served from 6-8:00, ETA’s will be singing and mingling with all the fans.

AFTER PARTY Tickets available at:

After Party Tickets Available at Penticton Lakeside Resort 1-800-663-9400 or 250-493-8221. 298 Duncan Ave W, Penticton BC ( Credit card accepted )