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Contestant Information

The Penticton Elvis Festival

holds a tribute artist competition every festival weekend

– divided into three divisions : Professional, Non-Professional and Youth.

Being a preliminary event for “The Ultimate Elvis Competition” held annually in Memphis – sponsored by Elvis Presley Enterprises – the winner of the professional division will win entry into the “Ultimate Elvis Finals” – held in Memphis during Elvis week (August). To obtain an entry form for the competition – please download the PDF forms below, fill them out completely and send them into us as soon as possible.

Elvis Tribute Artist

Entry Form and information


ETA Scoring Sheet

Ultimate Official Rules and Guidelines



is open now

To all ETA’s

Be sure to download the registration form, fill it out completely and submit asap!

When you have completed your ETA Registration form,
please send it to this address: Brenda Martin

If also you need further information, you can email the same address.

To view This Year’s Competitors List Please visit our
Penticton Elvis Festival Facebook page.

Ultimate Elvis Finals Memphis. TN

All winners of the qualifying events – including Penticton – meet in Memphis to battle it out for the annual title of “Ultimate Elvis“.




Anthony Joseph

Bret Wiggins

Casper Slee

Jimmy Holmes

Mark Stevens

Matt King

Matt Cage

Simon Patrick

Darren Price

John Coats

Mario Kombou

Fred Steen

Sylvian Leduc

Paul Ellis

Darren Lee




Allessandro Votta

Brent Freeman

 Christopher Blaine

Keith Hart

Dave Greene

DJ Dodge

Jaedyn Pilion

John VanVlack

Rob Schwertley

Sylvio Fontaine

Tyler Wagner

Dave Collinson

Jonathan Hicks

Robert Falls

Vic De Sousa